The Charism Today

In accepting the gift of sanctity and witness of Teresa Maria , we, her daughters, continue in the time to be the guardians and custodians of this charism, and at the same time, enrich it further to the extent in which we are faithful to the Spirit Who, in perpetual dynamic, open minds and hearts to new and fruitful insights.

First of all, we are called to live our consecration as women, taking and expressing into full the femininity in a process of growth and maturation of all energies and potentials: the woman is the one who receives love to love in return.

Concretely, this translates into acceptance, protection, availability to the interpersonal relationship, care and concern of the other in respect of life, living in fraternal relations from the logic of gratuitousness, in the primacy of ‘being’ over having.

We are called to be brides because it is from the spousal union with the Lord Jesus that our life finds nourishment to be prophecy of the primacy of God and the Gospel values.

This intimate union with Christ, who is wanted and loved as Absolute, generates and preserves our ability to be mothers, called to generate life around us, as Edith Stein says:

“In the silent dialogue with God the consecrated persons get prepared to be later events in the history of the Church that renew the face of the earth. The Virgin, who pondered in her heart every word sent to her by God, is the model of those people who listen in whom revives again and again the priestly prayer of Jesus. The Lord has favored women who, like Mary, have forgotten themselves in order to sink into the life and passion of Christ, and has chosen them as his instruments to accomplish great works in the Church. “

Contemplation and action are the aspects that express the identity of our charism, in a continuous, mutual reference, so that friendship with the Lord nourishes our love and suggests concrete forms of solidarity with our brothers, and at the same time, the concern for the needs and the hopes of the people bring us to meet with the One who is their inspiration.

From the communion that is received as a gift derives the task of building a patient community, where the unity with Christ and with the sisters is realized.

Looking to Teresa of Jesus, who conceived the monastic brotherhood as a small College of Christ , and at the Blessed Mother, who tirelessly recommended her daughters the union, we live the choice of an intense evangelical fraternity, as opposed to the individualism, increasingly marked, that the world offers today. Our communities want to be “schola amoris” (school of love)  for youth and adults: a school where you learn to love God, the sisters with whom we live, the humanity in need of the mercy of the Father and of fraternal solidarity.