Who we are

We are a religious family born in the heart of Tuscany (the central region of Italy). Our foundress is Blessed Teresa Maria of the Cross who was beatified in Florence by Pope John Paul II in 1986.

Our charism draws from the Carmelite spirituality of St. Theresa of Avila and is characterized by the two aspects:  contemplative and apostolic dimension.

Our charism is inspired by the Carmelite spirituality of St. Teresa of Avila and is characterized by the contemplative and apostolic dimension.

The basis and the cornerstone of every activity is the Eucharistic Adoration, which we consider the first apostolic commitment forwarded to us by the Mother…

(from our Constitutions n. 83)

The passion for Christ, who is adored in the Eucharist, becomes a passion towards the other, to love and meet  him there where The Lord calls us to live and to be witnesses of joy that leads to Him.

In our activities, we desire to be heart that educates and meets through schools  of all levels, through the House-family, parish pastoral and youth, and the houses of hospitality.

Our charism, in the course of the years has become wider in various places of missions, serving the small and the lowly.

With deep respect for human dignity, we seek to form fully the person, because human and Christian maturity,

can fully carry out God’s plan and contribute to building the Kingdom

(from our Constitutions n. 86)