Presence of peace and acceptance

Comunity of Haifa

Comunity of Stella Maris

Israel is home to a very diverse population from various ethnic, religious, cultural and social. A new society with ancient roots, still in the process of fusion and evolution. Of its six million-plus people, 81% are Jewish, 17.3% are Arabs and the remaining 1.7% includes Druze and other communities. This ethnic diversity is an essential part of Israeli society and influences all aspects of the cultural, religious and political.

In Israel there are the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, a mosaic of faiths, rituals and traditions intersect and differ.

In this diverse environment, Christians are a minority, about 2%, divided into various rites: Greek-Melkite, Maronite, Latin, Armenian, groups church that determine different liturgy, celebrations, holidays.

Clearly then, that in Israel the main issue is to give an Christian  identity and sustain faith that constantly threatens to be drowned out by contact with different cultures and religions.

Christianity in the Holy Land can be defined as a small church, small, but Mother, because  gave birth to all the churches of the world. There spiritually born every Christian, there are preserved the roots of the universal Church, and especially a Church born at the foot of Golgotha, on Calvary that continues to be the experience of every day.