The Heart that educates  and meets

Comunity of Beirout-Fanar

Comunity of Raachine

In 1904, the Blessed Mother is still alive, opens a new horizon: the mission. The Carmelite Fathers  ocd  ask the Mother  to send few Sisters to  Kobayat in what was then the territory  of Syria (now Lebanon), to support  their mission.

The first three missionaries receive the Cross by the Archbishop of Florence, May 31, 1904, and Rome’s blessing by Pope Pio X.

On June 8, embarked in Naples. The journey is long and difficult, the last section, the one that leads to Tripoli Kobayat cross it by stage coach or horseback.

DIn front of the three sisters’ eyes, opens a whole new world that accepts them with love; when they arrive at their destination are in fact almost carried in triumph by the people and immediately began their mission. A few weeks after arrival, Sister Raffaella – Mother Superior – write a touched letter to the Blessed Mother, in a simple and effective language, that seems she wants to summarize all the missions way, including those that would have developed soon after “… I was afraid of not finding work here, but I was mistaken. Already for the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel we did six hundred scapular… Mother I assure you that devotion and simplicity of these good people is something that is much consolation … we find men with the crown in hand, recite the Rosary, and when the ‘ Angelus’ starts they sign and pray … “. But sr. Raffaella also dwells on the plight of the people of Kobayat, “… We find sick people on a mat spread on the ground …” and the situation of the local Maronite church: “Going for a walk  … we showed a small hut. It was the sign of a church … a room with low ceiling of the ground, propped up by two parts …
Soon a new request: once again, the Carmelite Fathers turn to the Blessed Mother asking her  for the presence of three other  Sisters , to a new openness to Biscerri, famous for the cedars of Lebanon, but  about eight hours’ walk from Kobayat


From that distant 1904, the mission has gone through many vicissitudes and changes: we are currently present in Beirut – and Raachine Fanar.